Don't Believe Food Label The Hype

Fresh | Healthy | Hygienist. The first thing you can draw your attention, whether in big letters describe some of the nutritional characteristics of buy a product labeled. food labels and placards with catchy names to sell better. Although food labels conform to federal guidelines and has the use of standard definitions for most words can always be misleading. Understanding what these terms mean in the food labels will help you know what you have chosen and how it fits into your diet.

identify many different nutrients on food labels, and when no food determines the security of a system that does not make a single nutrient food that is good or bad for you. Given the label of fantasy and see what other contributions to eat the foods you eat.

For example, cookies, chocolate labeled "fat free" may not be your best choice if you reduce your sugar intake or increase the amount of fiber to try the diet. A food additive called "fresh" can be attractive, but the term "cost" does not contain information on the nutritional value of the product or the time it took for the journey of food from the farm to the grocery store. All raw food is not frozen, heat-treated or otherwise preserved, said it was cool. " Health is another source of attraction, which is more than a nutrient. This implies that the product is healthy and nutritious. In fact, as healthy food should be described low fat and saturated fat, contains small amounts of sodium and cholesterol, and are a good source of one or more essential nutrients. Despite all the qualifications that the term "specified health" part of a healthy diet, foods that this definition does not necessarily fit the base of a healthy diet. For example, meet a lot of fruit drinks, the definition of the label "healthy." They are low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and the provision of at least 10% of the recommended intake of vitamin C. However, it is added to refined sugar and contain few nutrients.

For general information, we need to see healthy-sounding labels of the products to see and read the nutritional content, how it fits into your diet.

When it comes to food labeling - Do not Believe The Hype.