Healthy Cooking Of Grains

All grains except rice, cereals and various meals, require prolonged cooking to simmer and continue to dissolve when their tissues and change their starch into dextrin as to facilitate digestion. Even the so-called "soft" grains of advertising in five or ten minutes, ready to be cooked and really need to adjust the digestion. The so-called quickly prepared grains simply boiled steamed before grinding, which has the effect of the destruction of all organisms with a low content in the grain. Then crushed and shredded. Soda and lime added to the resolution of proteins and sometimes diastase to convert starch into sugar, but there is nothing in this preparatory process, which change the chemical nature to allow the grain to cook ready for easy digestion in five or ten minutes. A cooked grain, although it can be made acceptable, not in a state of being easily applied by the digestive juices, so that left undigested as mechanical irritation.

Water is the fluid that is normally used for cooking grains, but many of them are the richest flavor and finer when mixed with water, milk, two parts water. This is particularly true for rice, corn flour and corn starch. When using water, soft water is preferable to the unit. No salt is necessary, but if used at all, is usually added to water before mixing the grain or flour.

The amount of liquid required varies with different seeds, as they are ground, the method by which they are cooked and the desired consistency of cooked grain, more liquid suspension to a suspension is necessary.

All grains
should be carefully examined before being cooked.
Cereal in the kitchen should be observed:

- Measure liquid and particulate exactly the same device, or both are equal.

- Have the water boiling when the grain is introduced, but do not boil over a long period until it evaporates considerably, since this is the reason for the changes of water and grain consistency, change the boiling broth. Run the grain slowly, so you do not stop falling down, and everything thickens.

- Stir the grain continuously until it is firm, but not thereafter. The grains are much more palatable, though mitigated, they can still retain their original shape. Agitation makes the preparation of pasta, and destroys its appearance.

In the preparation of all meals with the mushers or flour is a good plan to make the material retained as a paste with a little liquid from the crowd, before the introduction in boiling water. This prevents the tendency to cook in lumps, so frequent when dry food is dispersed in a liquid broth. Care should be taken, but very slowly add moisture, stirring vigorously meantime, so the kitchen is not controlled. Use hot water to moisten. The instructions for other broken whole grains or products of the earth.

Place the corn, when in the refrigerator or in a place where it cools very fast (like a slow cooling can cause fermentation), Happy Healthy Cooking and spend the night in the kitchen .... :)